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History tells us so much about life. By reviewing history we are better able to understand what our parents, grandparents and great grandparents endured. This understanding helps all of us to treasure the bounty that we enjoy today. This is a website devoted to the history of an area in the south east of Australia.  The people who lived in the rough bush huts did their best to survive. As with any community there was a small group of individuals who were more unusual than all the rest. Their true stories are the Odd History of South Eastern Australia.

Over many years I have collected and told stories about the interesting historical characters in the local area. My children tired of my repeating these stories around the dinner table. Exasperated, my eldest daughter, Bobbi, set up this website so that I could write these stories down and let the family eat in peace. Little did she realize, that as I researched, I found plenty more to bore them with.  

I have tried my best to authenticate all of these stories.  Wherever possible I have searched for matching vital records, reports and historic maps. You will notice links at the bottom of each article showing references for the information I have used. If I have got it wrong I apologize.  With any event, each individual sees it from a differing view.  I have tried to find the most accurate of these viewpoints.

Annie O’Riley, 2012

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Windsor, East St. Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra

It is hard to imagine that these leafy suburbs were once ti-tree swamps and eucalypt forests, but of course that is what the original settlers found when they arrived in the area. The name Prahran appears to have been come from a native word sounding more like Puraran and was coined by George Langhorne, an Englishman who came to Victoria in 1836 to teach the local aboriginal tribes. George set up a mission on the banks of the Yarra near Punt Hill. The name Punt Hill, Punt road etc., came from the boat or punt used to cross the Yarra[...]