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Inebriates Hill – The Female Asylum

Written by Annie O'Riley ( on March 14, 2012

Originally the Guys Hill building housed both male and female patients.  Within a short time it was decided to open a second “retreat” for female patients.  A site was leased from Mrs. Blair between Hughendon and Telegraph Road about 3 kilometers from the mens building. This asylum was a bit different from the men’s one.  It was a number of small cottages enclosed by a strong fence.  At the men’s asylum the men were encouraged to hunt, fish and enjoy the bushland environment. In the women’s asylum they were expected to work the gardens and help the facility to be self sufficient. This facility lasted about two years when a decision was made to move the patients to the Northcote Asylum (previously run by Dr. MacCarthy).

Written by Annie O'Riley. Annie is the author of and has been researching local history for over 30 years. She is constantly finding new stories and characters to write about.

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