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Just Hanging Around

Written by Annie O'Riley ( on August 12, 2012

In the days before television and computer games one of the favourite occupations of young men was called “nesting”  The boys would climb a tree looking for a bird nest. If found, they would take one of the eggs and try to hatch it out.

This article appeared in The South Bourke and Mornington Journal on the 7th of October 1903.


Last Saturday morning a little lad named McEwan, whilst climbing for bird’s nests on Cardinia Creek bridge, got his arm jammed between the boards. He was hanging in a very painful position when discovered by two young lads one of whom supported him as the second ran for assistance. It took the efforts of two young axemen and a dozen others nearly an hour to free the boy by cutting away a portion of the bridge. The little fellow escaped with nothing more than a bruised arm and a severe fright. Had he not have been discovered his injuries might have been serious.”