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Dandenong and Surrounds

Early settlers recognized the value of the land in the Dandenong Creek basin. The beautiful creek flats and deep soil made the area an early agricultural centre. By 1837 it was taken as a pastoral run, about the same time as Melbourne was being settled. By 1866 the Dandenong Markets were in place. The livestock market brought farmers to the area from all over Victoria and the produce market (for many years next to the livestock market) catered for the wives and children, making market day a loved family outing.

The productivity of the farmland made it become a major regional area of Victoria. In 1890 the Dandenong Town Hall was built and in 1891 the Albion Hotel became the local watering hole. An Aboriginal Station was established in the Stud road area and this later became known as The Police Paddocks. The Native Police Corps were situated in this area and many of the Odd History stories show what a valued resource the native police were.

After the WW2, the increase in migration and industry brought a boom to the area. General Motors Holden, International Harvester and Heinz all built large industrial factories on the area where the giant River Redgums once stood.  Today you can see a few of these 200 plus year old trees still standing along the Princes Highway.

Today Dandenong is a truly multicultural city and is home to 167,000 people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. There is an exciting range of restaurants and shops stocking goods from all around the world. The surnames of the residents may have changed but Dandenong will remain one of the most interesting towns in Victoria.

The Westall UFO

In April of 1966, up to 400 people witnessed a grey saucer shaped craft fly over the southern corner of Westall High School (Clayton South) before descending into a nearby paddock. A few minutes later, as stunned onlookers watched, it lifted off and was pursued by 5 small cesna type airplanes. Some of the onlookers ran to the paddock and saw a perfect round "crop circle" in the grass.


When on a journey it is always a good idea to make sure that the bag you pick up is your own.

The Wealthy Swagman

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Flying Dog